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I am so grateful to be creating a global community with doterra essential Oils. I never imagined how much my life would change just from bringing these natural remedies into our home. My journey has been gradual - you can read more about my story here. But always at the centre of my being is family. Being present and open for my two daughters is a large part of my purpose here. By learning how to use Essential Oils instead of traditional medicines for many physical, emotional and mental issues I have radically opened up the choices for a healthier happier life for myself and my family.

doTERRA essential oils


doTERRA provide safe and natural alternatives to chemical and pharmaceutical products. By sharing this natural lifestyle we have generated hundreds of wellness initiatives and created a business around sharing health and wellness.


You can read a little more about this lifestyle in this download:

Benefits of Our Community

Private Facebook Group
Essential Oils Academy ( A flight of 13 informative emails + videos, recipes and inspiration that will arrive with your Kit)
 Essential Practice Membership - Access to our private website where together with Elena Brower we create videos, tips, frequently asked questions and much more.
Monthly call - Connect to talk with our community, ask questions and learn more about the uses and business of doterra.
Oil Classes - Our community is all over the world and you are sure to find a group close to you to learn how to blend with the oils and learn much more about their uses.

Ready to Get Started?

1 ) Go to Here
2) Click Join and Save for discounts
3) Click Join dōTERRA
4) Choose your language and country
5) Enter your Details
6) Choose your Kits ( The Home Essentials Kit is the most popular starter choice)

Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I buy the Oils?
You can enter this link here and follow the steps listed above or send an email to for some help.

How will the Oils reach me?
Your Oils will be posted to you by dōTERRA and usually arrive within 7 days of ordering.

Is there a minimum monthly purchase?
No. You can make a one time purchase or order more regularly if you choose. Only if you wish to do dōTERRA as a business is a monthly order of £100 required.

What is the Minimum Amount to register?
There is no minimum. You can order just one Oil. To gain you Oils at Wholesale pricing costs £24. However a more cost effective option is to order a Kit. This £24 is included in most of the Starter Kits

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