We always have a choice…

20 years as an actress in theatre and tv left me in danger of becoming bitter, broken and burnt out. The industry took me on a rollercoaster of highs and lows, of successes and five-star reviews, followed by frustration, rejection and tears. I felt disempowered and disconnected from the creativity that I loved.

During my acting career I had developed a substantial Yoga and Mediation Practice to help me cope with the ups and downs of life. Soon, it was this practice that was fulfilling me and sustaining me much more than my work in the Acting profession.

As a Mum I was looking for a way to be calmer, stronger and softer in my relationship with my two daughters and my handsome, powerful husband.

Yoga was gifting me the space to meet the challenges of my life.


I started teaching Yoga to share this gift with my friends and family. In discovering this place of peace and self-acceptance. I naturally shared this feeling with those I loved. With no clear intention of teaching Yoga, I just kept saying Yes to the opportunities that were offered to me. The more I taught and and practised Yoga, the clearer it became to me that this was now my passion. I was more interested in being on the Yoga mat than being on the stage.

Saying Yes in this way led to the most significant left turn in my career and to the most rewarding transformation as I re-built myself around my spiritual practice.

Another tool I used to rebuild myself was Essential Oils. I began to create new healing pathways in my body, heart and mind. Each time I used the Oils I found they brought me back home to myself.  I introduced them into our home and everything changed. Just as my Yoga practice had done, they brought me and my family to a place of peace, self-acceptance and present moment awareness.


I find that the Oils and Yoga teach me daily Who I am and and How I can heal. I remember that I don't need to remain trapped in a life I chose 20 years ago. They offer me space to be myself, to accept where I am now and say Yes to the things I want.


We always have a choice.

And now, having integrated my business and spiritual life in sharing Yoga and Essential Oils with my community I am lit up and creating a life of abundance in my relationships, experiences and creativity.

Saying Yes in this way has gifted me a community who are ready to teach, learn, grow.


You can say Yes to anything.


Say Yes to a greater life were you do the things you really love.