I believe Yoga is about creating space, physically, emotionally & mentally. 
The magic of Yoga is that it meets you exactly where you are.

I have a practice of Yoga & Meditation that spans over 20 years. I take inspiration from many forms & wisdom traditions, including Buddhism, Shamanism, Hatha, Flow, Yin and Restorative Yoga.

I teach my classes from the heart, weaving themes of philosophical guidance into the physical challenges. I take great inspiration from all of my wonderful teachers, & my wish is that some of their knowledge & skill can be passed on.


My Tibetan Buddhist teacher Geshe Tashi Tsering is now the Abbott of Sera Mey Monastic University in India. I was fortunate enough to have studied with him in London at Jamyang Buddhist Centre. Geshe Tashi has also acted as translator and spiritual envoy for His Holiness Dalai Lama in the UK and Europe. (more here…)

Some of my other current Mentors include Meriel Angharad (Breeze Yoga), Elena Brower,  & Norman Blair.

What people say about Amelia…

" Amelia's Yoga Classes are my little nuggets of joy every week. Her teaching challenges me & relaxes me. Her Yoga is delivered with love & honesty. There is something in the Class for everyone. I learn something new during each class & feel inspired to practice what I have learnt on the Mat into my daily life "

Steph - Regular Student

" At This auspicious moment, I'm honoured to stand with you on your path. Your bravery and courage make you a lighthouse to your community; your willingness and wisdom make you a hero to me. Thank you for coming so close and standing with me on my journey. May all you touch with your voice, your eyes, your hands and your heart experience the woman I see in you. With great respect..."

Elena Brower - Yoga teacher

Inspiration and gratitude

Some special thanks is due to those who have helped me along the way…


Geshe Tashi Tsering - Buddhism & Meditation


Meriel Angharad - Yoga & Bodywork

Elena Brower - Yoga, Mediatation, Essential Oils, Mentorship 

Daniela Lanaia - Yoga, Bodywork and Music

Norman Blair - Yoga

Gabrielle McNaughton - Craniosacral Treatment

Ella Woodward - Food

The Little Escape - Acupuncture/Holistic Centre

DōTERRA -  Essential Oils & Supplements



Deb Erickson - Network Marketing Coaching

My intention in teaching is to create space & act as a guide for you to pause & breathe on the mat. My hope is for us to carry this spaciousness off the mat & back into our own life, to our friends, family & community.